With a famous NHL player for a step-brother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation many hockey stars come with. She’s smart enough to steer clear of those hot, well-built boys with unparalleled stamina. That is until she meets the legendary team captain—Alex Waters.Violet isn’t interested in his pretty, beat-up face, or his rock-hard six-pack abs. But...

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Author:Helena Hunting
Edition Language:English

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  • Helena Hunting

    One filterless girl, one hot hockey player and a whole lot of ridiculousness.

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    It’s 6:51 on Thursday morning, and I’m thirty seconds away from an amazing orgasm. Women everywhere should take a page from the man manual. Just b

    One filterless girl, one hot hockey player and a whole lot of ridiculousness.

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    It’s 6:51 on Thursday morning, and I’m thirty seconds away from an amazing orgasm. Women everywhere should take a page from the man manual. Just because I don’t sport the obvious signs men do, such as morning wood, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of my personal needs before I hit the shower. My day is always better when I start with a shot from the orgasm bottle.

    I’m right there, teetering on the brink of heaven. Every nerve ending is on fire in the best way possible. My muscles are tight, fingers moving at a furious pace, the vibrator—God bless the damn vibrator—is hitting the s-s-s-spot, and everything is about to go blissfully white.

    And that’s the moment my mother’s shrill voice breaks all orgasmic magic, destroying my morning jill-off. She must have let herself in again, as is typical.

    Here’s the thing; I don’t live with my mom. I moved out more than four years ago—into the damn pool house. Technically, it’s on the same piece of property, but it’s supposed to be my private space. My refuge from my crazy awesome, albeit super-inappropriate mother.

    The door to my bedroom crashes open as I shut off the vibe and pull up the covers. My vagina is raging. I can’t even begin to explain. It’s the female equivalent of blue balls.

    “Mom!” I slump further under the comforter. “How many times do we need to have this talk?”

    “You should be out of bed already! I have something for you!” She waves her hands around in the air like the crazy inflatable balloon guy on TV. It’s too much this early in my day.

    “I literally just woke up. I need five minutes before we have a conversation, okay?”

    Her arms fall to her sides, her shoulders dropping with her smile, which would make me feel bad, except she’s let herself into my home and barged into my bedroom unannounced. So all I have is frustration.

    “Oh, sure.” Her dejection is blissfully short-lived. “How about I put on a pot of coffee?”

    My mom loves to be useful, and while I’m annoyed, I don’t want to hurt her feelings in spite of the inconvenient interruption. “That’d be great.” Any reason to get her out of my room is a good one, but a fresh pot of coffee is more than welcome.

    She backs out and closes the door, leaving me in peace. For three seconds I contemplate finishing what I started, but there’s no way I’m going to come with my mom tooling around in my kitchen. Instead, I toss my vibe into the nightstand and make a stop in the bathroom to wash my hands.

    At twenty-two, I should be able to maintain some distance from my mother. However, she has a great deal of difficulty with the concept of personal space. In my freshman year of college, I threw out the idea of moving into an apartment close to campus. My mom and Sidney—my stepdad—had recently tied the knot. They were worse than virginal teenagers. I’ve had the misfortune of walking in on them in compromising positions more than once. The third time was my breaking point.

    Guilt-ridden and embarrassed by the psychological damage he had caused, Sidney offered to renovate the pool house. I agreed only because it saved me thousands on rent.

    When I first scored my job several months ago, I started looking for my own apartment again, in part because of the frequency of my mother’s unplanned visits. Being the ever helpful parent, she tagged along on the expedition and told me roommate horror stories à la Single White Female. Seeing as the only places I could reasonably afford were shared accommodations, I chose to stay put in the pool house a while longer. As I no longer carry the burden of tuition, revisiting that option seems like a good plan.

    I wipe my vagina-scent-free hands on my T-shirt as I enter the kitchen. My mom sits at the table and leafs through one of the gossip rags she loves to read while she sips a cup of coffee.

    “I think they made Buck look way worse here than he really is, don’t you?” She turns the magazine around so I can see the horrible pictures of my stepbrother.

    I grab a mug, fill it with liquid heaven, and drop into the chair across from my mom. “I think Buck does a decent job of making himself look bad all on his own without the help of the media.”

    My stepbrother is such a whore. I’m tempted to apply this label to all professional hockey players. It’s a blanket statement, an overzealous and possibly incorrect generalization. However, based on personal experience, I believe it’s true for the most part. It certainly applies to the one hockey player I dated last year. I consider him to be like Voldemort: he who shall not be named.

    The third page of last week’s entertainment section confirms this hypothesis. The evidence is splashed all over the grainy two-page spread of Buck with his hand up some woman’s skirt. In a public bathroom. He appears to be devouring her face while getting her naked inside a stall—with the door open. So dirty.

    The picture itself isn’t a surprise. Hundreds of similar images can be found through an Internet search. Buck has shared his manstick with half the female population in the continental US, and probably a few up in Canada. The woman he’s making out with is the problem. He’s not macking on a random hockey hooker. Oh no. It’s his former coach’s niece. Her name is Fran. She’s adorable, and now she looks like a total puck bunny, thanks to Buck.

    In his defense, he said he didn’t know who she was. He’s not bright and he was hammered, so it likely was an honest mistake—not that it makes his whoring ways any less abhorrent. This little incident is the reason behind his recent trade to the Hawks. His return to Chicago means I’ll be seeing a lot more of him again.

    “Well, I think they’ve blown this way out of proportion. Sidney’s excited to have him back in the city, though. Anyway . . .” She pushes a piece of paper toward me. Upon inspection, I realize it’s a plane ticket.

    I snatch it up and frown. “What’s this? Why does it have my name on it? What’s in Atlanta?”

    “Surprise!” She does jazz hands. “It’s Buck’s first away game with the Hawks.”

    “Mom, I can’t—”

    “We’re going as a family to support him. He’s had a rough couple of weeks.”

    “It’s not my fault Buck can’t keep his dick in his pants and out of his coach’s niece.”

    “Violet!” Her brow arches and her lips purse as if she’s sucking a lemon. “Don’t be so crass! This isn’t about Buck’s . . .” She trails off and gestures below the table.

    “Yes it is. Buck doesn’t care if I come to his games.”

    “He was very upset when you couldn’t make the last few. Maybe if you’d been at this one”—she points at the magazine—“he might not have gotten himself into so much trouble.”

    “Are you guilting me into coming?” I glare over the rim of my mug.

    “Not at all. I’m just throwing out hypotesticals.”

    I cough-choke. “Do you mean hypotheticals?”

    “That’s what I said.”

    Correcting her is as pointless as fighting her on this. Once my mom makes up her mind, rationalizing an alternative is like slamming your head into a titanium wall—painful and futile. I need to reconsider the apartment situation.

    I give getting out of going to the game a last-ditch effort. “I have to work this weekend.”

    “No you don’t.”

    “How do you know?”

    She ignores the question. “A car will be at the house to pick us up at six.”

    “I don’t get off until five. How are we even going to make it to the game on time?”

    “The flight isn’t until tomorrow morning.” She taps the date on the ticket, which I’ve failed to read.

    “Oh.” So much for finding a way out. It looks like I’m going to another hockey game. Yippee.

    “It’ll be so much fun! We can go outlet shopping! Whelp, I’ve got to go! Don’t want to be late for my Pilates class!” She jumps up and bounces out the door, off to her next thing.

    After my mom leaves, I check the time. I have half an hour to get ready. Nabbing the magazine from the table, I rush to my nightstand, grab my vibe, and hit the bathroom—first it needs a wash—then I flip to the milk advertisement. The subject matter is a fuckhot guy who completely misses his mouth and dribbles a glass of milk down his chest. I don’t know why it’s so hot. I mean, milk isn’t really a sexy drink, but whatever.

    I heft my foot onto the vanity and go to town while looking at the milk porn guy. The orgasm I missed earlier takes me to the floor, and the magazine lands on my face. It doesn’t matter. I’m coming and it feels good.

    The jilling session takes longer than I expect, so I have to drive faster than usual to get to work. As a recent graduate from the accounting program at the University of Illinois, I scored the job through my internship—which Sidney set up for me. Having a stepfather who scouts for the NHL does have some perks. I’m a junior accountant for a PR firm specializing in—wait for it—sports financial management. This includes investing professional hockey players’ fortunes. I’m surrounded by hockey all the time.

    Charlene, my bestie and colleague, sits on the edge of my desk, sipping her coffee while I frantically organize files.

    “I can’t go out tonight. I have too much to do for the Kuntz account,” I tell her.

    “You’re bailing on me to work late on a Friday?”

    “My mom’s making me go to Buck’s game tomorrow in Atlanta. Apparently, we need to band together as a family to support his inability to keep his dick in his pants.”

    Charlene makes a sympathetic face. “He really messed up this time, didn’t he?”

    “Don’t get me started. He’s such an idiot. Anyway, we’re flying out early in the morning, so I need to be prepared for Monday before I leave for the weekend.”

    “Can’t you work on it while you’re there?”

    “My mom wants to go shopping, so I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have. Plus, I have a hundred pages to finish for book club on Tuesday.”

    Charlene rolls her eyes. “Friggin’ Lydia. I say we blackball her out of the club.”

    “You can’t blackball people out of a book club.”

    “Says who? I was happy reading mindless smut. I’m buying the CliffsNotes.”

    It’s not a half-bad idea. Although being the competitive person I am, I would hate to go into the book club discussion with only a vague understanding of the crappy book Lydia’s making us read. I’ll suffer through it if I can come up with an intelligent argument why it’s so terrible.

    “I’ll probably bring the book to the game in case I can get in some reading time.”

    “Oh, come on, Vi. The Hawks are having a killer season. I bet the game will be awesome.”

    “Uh-huh.” I’m sure she’s not wrong. However, I don’t have the same warm fuzzies toward the game or the players as Charlene.

    She’s been a die-hard Hawks fan her entire life. She watches every game and even participates in those pools where you create your own team. Like Fantasy Football, except with hockey.

    “Anyway.” Charlene flaps her hand around. “That’s not the point. The point is you’ll be hobnobbing with the players afterward, right? Which means you’ll meet Darren Westinghouse.”


    Charlene curls her lip and gives me a snooty look. “He plays right wing for the Hawks.” She starts listing his stats; it sounds something like blah, blah, blah. I tune most of it out until she asks, “Will you take a picture of him if you get the chance?”

    “First of all, Char, hockey players don’t ‘hobnob,’ they hang out. Second, I plan to skip the after-party crap. I’ll have to catch up on work.” I pat the file folders on my desk.

    “What a load of BS!” She looks around to make sure no one is paying attention. Jimmy, whose cubicle is across from mine, raises an eyebrow and points to the phone at his ear, so Charlene lowers her voice. “Come on, Violet, you have to go. For me, please? Just long enough to snap a pic. Then you can go be boring in your hotel room by yourself.”

    “I’d send you in my place if I could.”

    I have no problem watching hockey, even though the rules evade me for the most part. Some of those boys are hot, but the appeal ends there. Buck is a perfect example, as is the one—and only—hockey player I ever dated. He wasn’t even an NHLer, just some douche in the minors I went out with last year looking for a leg up. Unfortunately, I turned out to be the owner of said leg. Not only was he awful in bed—just because those boys are built doesn’t mean they’ve got the equipment to match—he also humiliated me in a way I’m not likely to forget anytime soon.

    “Come on, Vi. You can enjoy the man candy, if nothing else.”

    “Yeah, because skanky guys are such a turn on.”

    “Darren’s not a skank.”

    I appease her rather than argue. “I’ll see about the photobomb. No guarantees.” Mostly the after-parties are a food free-for-all for the players, complemented by hordes of bunnies looking to be dessert.

    She squeals and claps her hands. “You’re the best!”

    I hold up my hands. “No promises, but I’ll try.”

    Charlene convinces me to break for lunch, and we gorge at the all-you-can-eat Thai buffet nearby. Fortunately, the amount of food I consume doesn’t slow my roll in the afternoon.

    By nine in the evening I can no longer focus on the computer screen. My stomach is growling so loudly I keep checking to make sure a bear hasn’t wandered into the office.

    Drive-thru fast food is my poison of choice. I scarf down three tiny burgers and a large fries while I drive home. I reluctantly skip the milkshake because indigestion and flying don’t mesh well.

    My mother has left a sticky note on my door to remind me we’re leaving for the airport at ass o’clock in morning—those are my words, not hers. The logical thing to do would be to pack my stuff and go to bed so I’m not exhausted in the morning. Instead, I change into a T-shirt and my favorite pair of Marvel Comic-inspired boxer briefs—they fit so nicely—and channel surf. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, my mom is standing over me.

    “Violet! Why are you still sleeping? We should’ve left ten minutes ago! We’ll miss the flight.” Her shrill morning voice functions as the worst kind of alarm.

    I try to hide under a throw pillow, but she snatches it away.

    “Get up, get up, get up!” She grabs my arm and pulls, forcing me to my feet.

    Due to my complete lack of preparation, I pack in a rush, tossing clothes into a bag at random while I pull on jeans. I grab the first bra I find; it’s extra loud, boasting a fuchsia leopard-print pattern and black lace accents. I don’t have time to search for something else—not with my mom tapping her talon nails on my door, hovering as usual. I have the foresight to pack my copy of Tom Jones so I can finish it for Tuesday’s book club discussion.

    My mom drags me to the car while I’m zipping up my bag, afraid we’ll miss our plane. She’s totally overreacting. We only have to speed-walk through the airport to make it to our gate for boarding.

    Sidney, being the awesome guy he is, books first-class tickets. The seats are roomy and comfortable. This allows me to pass out until the flight attendant comes by to offer drinks. I ask for a mimosa—it’s mostly orange juice—and leaf through the copy of The Hockey News Sidney brought. It’s the same old, same old. Stats and more stats with a few pictures of disheveled, hot hockey players scattered within.

    I abandon the magazine and pull out my copy of Tom Jones. Maybe it’ll bore me back to sleep. I’m annoyed I have to finish this for Tuesday. I like reading. Hell, I even took a couple of English lit classes in college purely for enjoyment. I might’ve enjoyed this book had it not followed on the heels of the fun, sex-filled stories I’ve partaken of lately.

    After reading the same paragraph twenty times, I give up and play mindless games on my phone for the rest of the flight.

    There’s a car waiting for us at the airport—because that’s how Sidney rolls—and we’re whisked away to the hotel. It’s the same one the team is staying at, so it’ll be easy to escape the after celebrations should the Hawks win.

    However, we run into a bit of an issue with the hotel concierge. They’ve booked us a suite. This wasn’t part of the deal; I expected to have my own room. I bite my tongue and pretend it’s totally fine because I don’t want to appear ungrateful—even though I didn’t ask to come on this impromptu trip in the first place.

    On the upside, the suite is huge. There’s a spacious living room, and I have my own bedroom with a private bath, complete with a Jacuzzi tub. I lock myself away and have a two-hour soak, where I once again try to read more of my book. I accidentally get the cover wet and have to lay it on the vent to dry.

    Getting dressed is an adventure. I did a crap job packing. I’m fortunate enough to have a pair of black jeans to wear. Sadly, the only bra I have is the fuchsia one, which worked with the black hoodie I wore on the plane. However, I’m clean, so I’m not recycling the hoodie, and my options are limited to a pale pink tee or a blue one with stains on the boob. The pink one will have to do. I pull on the shirt and check out my reflection in the mirror. Oh yeah, the leopard print is way obvious through the thin fabric. I cover it up with a light sweater and call my outfit a success.

    Glasses fog in arenas, so I jam in my contact lenses. I also look much less nerdy without glasses, and considering I have to meet a whole new set of teammates tonight, I’ll use all the anti-nerd help I can get.

    By the time I finally get my contact lenses to stay on my eyeballs—it takes three tries—there isn’t time for my mom to assault my face with her pallet of eye shadow. She’s a big fan of blue. I always end up looking like someone from a 70s sitcom.

    Armed with my wool coat and my messenger bag, which houses a scarf, mittens, hat, my semidry copy of Tom Jones, and my phone, I’m game ready. As an afterthought, I check for my pack of cigarettes. I don’t actually smoke. They’re my crutch when I want to extricate myself from uncomfortable social situations. It happens a lot. I’ve learned to release the smoke slowly so people don’t notice I’m not inhaling.

    The arena is packed. Luckily, we have great seats, and Sidney knows everyone, so getting to the first row isn’t a problem. I settle in, appreciating the ample legroom and unobstructed view of center ice. Sidney orders a round of beers as the Hawks take the ice. Half the crowd explodes into cheers despite it being an away game.

    I’m mesmerized by the way these guys glide over the perilously slick surface with such ease. I’m petrified of skating, much like some people are afraid of snakes and spiders. Wearing blades on my feet screams of danger. I struggled mastering Downward Facing Dog; I don’t need to slice open an artery in an attempt to expand my sports repertoire.

    Sidney stands and pumps his fist in the air as Buck skates onto the ice. Buck is mammoth, like a yeti. A huge, perverted, hairy whore of a yeti. According to the sportscasters, Buck’s an excellent hockey player. I’d agree, based on his yearly salary alone. No one gets that much money for sucking, not even extremely skilled prostitutes.

    Behind me, a gaggle of girls—whose skirts could double as headbands—giggle obnoxiously about some guy named Alex Waters. The name is vaguely familiar. They mention a hat trick. He must be an awesome player to pull off one of those.

    Their discussion takes an interesting turn when one girl brings up the size of individual team members’ junk. I assume they get their stats from personal experience.

    At the drop of the puck, penis conversations cease.

  • Colleen Hoover

    I read this hilarious book in 2015. That was the same year Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. That doesn't have anything to do with this book, but I watched that moment on repeat like eighteen times.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

    - Alex & Violet

    - Everyone

    - Buck & Sunny

    - Randy & Lily

    - Alex &

    - Alex & Violet

    - Everyone

    - Buck & Sunny

    - Randy & Lily

    - Alex & Violet

    - Everyone

    - Everyone

    (book 1) opens up to Canadian ice hockey pro and team captain

    and recent College grad and junior accountant

    embarking on a one-night stand and goes on to follow them in the aftermath of their reckless and blissful night.

    Alex who has a manwhore reputation to guard finds himself

    to Violet’s boobs. While Violet, set on not falling for a player develops a

    with Alex’s dick, which she lovingly and appropriately renames

    Assuaging their appetite for each other,

    they are lulled into dating. But both are

    to deal with the media attention, paparazzi, fans, protective family, friends and foes.

    Seven words to describe

    Private, charming, noble, romantic, conflicted, determined and loyal and.

    Seven words to describe

    Quirky, witty, guarded, reflective, vulnerable, romantic and smart.

    told from dual POVs, is the mixture of hot and bothered


    situations & inner dialogue,

    and growth plus of course

    There will be more of Alex and Violet throughout series and many side characters will get their own story too. Up next, book 1.1:



    Hero rating: 4.5 stars

    Heroine rating: 4 stars

    Sexual tension rating: 4.5 stars

    Sex scenes rating: 5 stars

    Sex scenes frequency: 5 stars

    Plot rating: 4.5 stars

    Dialogue rating: 4.5 stars

    Storytelling rating: 5 stars

    Story ending rating: 4 stars


    Read while chatting with Helena Hunting during Shh…


  • Christy

    I haven’t laughed this much while listening to an audio book in a while. Granted, a lot of the humor was immature and a little on the raunchy side, but still- very funny. If you love sports romances and you love to laugh, THIS is a book you need to read!

    Violet Hall meets Alex Waters while going to a hockey game to see her step-brother, Buck, play. She’s not looking for anyone, but Alex finds her. Alex is the crazy good looking, playboy with a reputation, and team captain. Violet knows sh

    I haven’t laughed this much while listening to an audio book in a while. Granted, a lot of the humor was immature and a little on the raunchy side, but still- very funny. If you love sports romances and you love to laugh, THIS is a book you need to read!

    Violet Hall meets Alex Waters while going to a hockey game to see her step-brother, Buck, play. She’s not looking for anyone, but Alex finds her. Alex is the crazy good looking, playboy with a reputation, and team captain. Violet knows she should steer clear of him. But she can’t. One night though- what could it hurt? Spending one night with this hockey god changes everything for her.

    Alex isn’t exactly what she thought he was. His reputation isn’t all true. He likes Violet. That much is obvious. I loved Alex and all his persistent and thoughtful gifts. He made it clear he wanted Violet and only Violet. The banter between these two was absolutely hilarious, even if a little juvenile at times. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. There was also lots and lots of sexy times.

    I love hockey books. They are by far my favorite kind of sports romance. If you’re looking for a book with lots of humor, tons of steam, fun characters and a heartwarming story- pick this one up! The audio book was very entertaining!

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»



    Helena Hunting

    May 3rd, 2015


    Well folks, I'm grappling with two conflicting urges. On one hand, I have a deep urge to rant over this book and let my annoyance rip. On the other hand, I'm attempting to reign in my stabby feelings out of respect for the review copy I was gifted. I'm not one to gleefully let loose on a book and tear it apart, but there are times when I feel so frustrated with the



    Helena Hunting

    May 3rd, 2015


    Well folks, I'm grappling with two conflicting urges. On one hand, I have a deep urge to rant over this book and let my annoyance rip. On the other hand, I'm attempting to reign in my stabby feelings out of respect for the review copy I was gifted. I'm not one to gleefully let loose on a book and tear it apart, but there are times when I feel so frustrated with the time spent on reading something, it's almost impossible to hold it in.

    I can see where some people may find this book cute and quirky if this type of humor is your thing. But for me, I DID NOT connect with the writing style of this author whatsoever (this is my first read by her). From page one, I had a permanent eye squint and nose crinkle in frustration and/or confusion. And a "What is this?" feeling in the back of my mind that never really went away.

    Case in point: what in the ever loving

    is up with the first sex scene? We're constantly bombarded with food similes. I ask you: what is remotely sexy about ANY of this from their first hook up??

    And if it wasn't one of these food gems, the writing went a little something like this:

    What. The. Hell? I want to remove that image from my brain. Preferably with bleach.

    What drew me into reading this book was simply the sports romance theme. I'm on a little reading kick with this genre and this book seemed cute, so I decided to give it a shot. What especially attracted me was the fact that the hero was a famous star hockey player whose manwhore reputation is completely unfounded. And after their one night stand, has to win the heroine over. Where did it miss the mark?

    I can't ever remember a heroine annoying me this badly. She has to be one of the worst I've ever read. Period. She had too many glaring character flaws that killed the story for me.

    She was supposed to be awkward/cute.

    She was supposed to be potty-mouthed and blunt and bold.

    I swear by all that is holy if this chick mentioned the size of this man's impossibly monstrous,vagina exploding, porn star sized, uncut cock less than once every paragraph,

    You think I'm exaggerating, don't you? I wish I was.

    The constant word vomit and worshipping of his holy-fuck-is-that-a-real-penis was OVERDONE. To the point that it actually became the theme of the story more than the supposed real plot of the book.

    This quote right here could be the synopsis. No further explanation needed:

    The hero did not feel sexy to me. One minute he was confident, the next shy and uncertain. He was awkward. Unfortunately, not in a good way. At times, the way he spoke made him appear as if he was a teenager with his first crush, stumbling over his words, and struggling to attain the most popular girl's attention. His personality was all over the place, and I struggled to find any excitement over his pursuit of the heroine. His obsession of the heroine's boobs was

    as bad as her obsession with his junk. He stared and groped them like they were the first pair he'd ever set eyes on.

    To wrap it up: it appears I've failed miserably in containing my ragey feelings. I gave this one two stars and based on my overall reaction, I feel this is being highly generous. I gave it the extra star because there were brief moments where I found myself actually smiling at a few of the jokes. The heroine did tone down her overzealous humor after a certain point in the book and it allowed me to see past my initial strong distaste. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save the book for me, it was a complete miss this time around.


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